Learn ways to help reduce depressed feelings, insomnia, anxious states and minimize life stressors with practical tips to apply during tension driving, family situations, work conflicts and worries about money or relationships....Do you feel like this at times?


Excerpts of Tips from the "How to Stay Balanced During Stressful Situations" booklet.

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Tip #5 :

Catch Your Negative Thoughts and Replace Them with Nourishing Ones:

We all fall into discouraging thoughts at times, but it's good to immediately detect them and not let them develop. For example if you lose a job interview and see that you are aaying to yourself, "I'm a loser. I'll never be picked" etc. STOP! Then.. replace these thoughts with ones that recall your strengths, skills and acheivements....

Tip #9 :

Don't forget to breathe during a tense situation.

Did you ever notice that when you are tense that you may hold your breath?

We often won't breathe when we are experiencing something negative because on some level we believe that we are protecting ourselves that way. If we don't breathe we assume nothing can get in. However, it's good to remember that things work the other way around: By breathing in the face of a tense situation we can have the energy, stamina and equanimity to deal with the stress effectively.

If we waited for everything to be perfect before we took a full breath, we'd be dead! There is rarely a time when everything is in harmony- when the finances, job position, relationship, grandchildren, parents and the physical health are all smooth. It is our attitude that helps carry us through these situations and makes them much easier to face.

Tip #20

Beware of the Sirens

Homer's Odysseus plugged up the ears of his fellow sailors with wax as they passed the island where the beautiful spell of the Sirens could tempt them. Write down in your notebook what the Sirens are for you. The Sirens don't have to be enchanting but they do create a spell. If you notice your mind falling into a certain kind of circling, then this might be your siren. It can wear a negative face or an attractive appearance.

We all have our own mental tape loop or trap that seduces us. Here are a few that are common....

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There's news stories everyday about people noticing that their heart rate is lower, their concentration bas improved and their moods are more even by incorportating insight yoga and meditation techniques. Many athletic programs now incorporate yoga into their training. The booklet has tips that will aid with insomnia, low energy, feelings of hopelessness and panic feelings as well as dealing with daily annoyances.

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ABOUT ME: I'm a licensed social worker as well as a certified yoga teacher and blend my understanding of both of these areas my client sessions, CE classes and yoga lessons. I presented a yoga and meditation workshop at the NASW conference in 2001 and 2007 in Florida for social workers as well as offer 3 and 6 credit continuing ed courses for social workers and mental health professionals. I also offer workshops for corporations and companies to assist their employees in lowering stress responses.

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