Monopoly Board Game- Brand New- Here and Now Edition

Isn't it fun to think of owning so much real estate ?

Product Features

Monopoly Game - Here & Now Edition.

It's a whole new twist on the classic property trading game!

Go around the board, collect money, and punish your siblings financially as you have good clean family fun.

New tokens include the Toyota Prius, New Balance Shoe, McDonald's French Fries, Labradoodle, Motorola RAZR Mobile Headset, and a Laptop Computer.

As far as properties, new additions include Boston's Fenway Park, Las Vegas Blvd., Houston's Johnson Space Center, Nashville's Grand Ole Opry, and Minneapolis' Mall of America.

It is now available! Compare prices and read the feedback of sellers to get the best deal.Monopoly Board Game Here and Now Edition Rocks. But you can find other editions too! CLICK for additional items if you don't see it initially.