The New Mini Robo Sapien V2 Is Awesome

Learn more about the Mini Robosapien and it's features

What is special about this robosapien robot?


Two-foot tall robot features true bipedal walking. He comes preprogrammed with 100 functions, he even responds to other robots. Start working him right out of the box with the included remote--no computer hook up or assembly required. New gaming-style remote controller.

True bipedal walking motion
Responds to stereo speech, IR, color vision, touch and other robots
100 preprogrammed functions
Gaming-style remote controller
Can interact with Robopet and Roboraptor (sold separately)

Along with the Playstation 3 , Nintendo Wii, iPod nano, Xbox 360 and Elmo TMX, the ROBOSAPIEN V2 is on the top ten list on three of eBay's categories as hottest seller's and will be one of the most coveted Christmas gifts of the season. Also, Many stores and sold out and shall remain sold out of this item till after Xmas.

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