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If you are a Windows user, the best method to use to download the PDF file is to right-click over the link, and select "Save As", then select the directory you wish to download to and click OK. Once the file has been downloaded successfully, you simply view it in Acrobat Reader as normal.

If you are downloading the ZIP version simply click on the link as normal, and the file will be downloaded to the directory of your choice. If you experience problems downloading any of the files, please refer to the section "Download Problems" at the bottom of the page.

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Windows Users

Gems of Wisdom is available in pdf format for you for download. Please do not feel intimidated by getting the pdf reader . It is one click away and very easy to download. More and more documents are available as pdf through Adobe reader. (It's free). Please read the requirements carefully before downloading. ** NOTE: If you are someone who doesn't like to download anything you can get the ebook via e-mail . It won't have the graphics and different colors, but all the quotations with questions are here and you can get it instantly. Just send an email to: Ebook by email
To download the book here are the instructions:

  • PDF Version - this file requires you to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader (3+) installed on your system. The Acrobat Reader is free from and allows you to read files in the PDF format - perhaps the most common document format on the Internet.
  • Unix / Linux Users

    I have made 2 versions of the book available to Unix /Linux users. These are listed below.

    • PDF Version - The latest versions of Linux should come with a PDF reader installed. If you do not have a PDF reader for your system (either Unix or Linux), please check or visit your vendor. Linux users can also visit the Tucows Linux archives for more information.
    • TAR.gz version - If you have GZip installed on your system, you can download this version of the book, which contains the PDF file which has been TAR'd and then compressed using gzip.

    MAC and Other Users

    If you are a Mac user, you can download the MS Word version above or the PDF Version available for you.
    • PDF Version - Since PDF files can be distributed across various platforms, we have made the PDF version available for Mac and other OS users. If you do not already have a PDF reader installed on your system, please visit

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    If you experience any problems downloading any of the above files, please send an e-mail to Debbie with the subject: "Download Problems" (without the quotes).

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