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I am a licensed social worker in NY and Florida. I teach Yoga and Meditation and help others in identifying and transending patterns.Just send me an email at : debrc@ix.netcom.com And don't forget I will be adding new products to the page which you will be able to receive commissions on.

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You can learn from an ordinary bamboo leaf what ought to happen. It bends lower and lower under the weight of snow. Suddenly the snow slips to the ground without the leaf having stirred. Stay like that at the highest point of tension until the shot falls from you. So, indeed , it is: when the tension is fulfilled, the shot must fall, it must fall from the archer like snow from a bamboo leaf, before he even thinks it.

Eugen Herrigel (Herrigel was a German Philospher who studied the Art of Archery under a Zen Master in Japan)

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-Some Eastern thinkers speak about attachment in this context
-Do we like to indulge and sink into different unconscious states?
-Is this weak will? Is it ignorance? What do great minds say about habits and persistence?
-How can we break through the box more so that we have humor, joy and wonder each day?

**NOTE:If you are looking for the Website for the Philosophical Analysis of Libra the page is now available at:
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