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Are you a looking for a non-aggressive way to gain new clients , contact old customers and increase your business? Do you want something different than giving away pens, baseball caps and the usual? Do you hate to sell or be in the pushy salesman mode? Have you thanked your employees or staff recently with a meaningful gift that will give them daily tools that will be beneficial and that they can keep and share with others?

What is something of value you can give to someone that will also remind them of you and your company?


I've written a 24 page booklet on Stress Reduction tips incorporating my training in yoga, meditation and psychological tips from my background as a Social Worker. I have an online, home study course on ways to use Meditation, Breathing and Simple Yoga Poses for Depression, Anxiety and Stress available for 3 continuing ed credits for psychologists, social workers and nurses at . The 24 page booklet has been used by schools for educating students and parents for healthier ways to manage stress. It is also used by businesses to reach past customers instead of sending out a sales flyer that will be thrown away. Put your label or sticker on the front cover. It is viral marketing because people show it to friends, read it in waiting rooms, and keep for a long time.

NOTE: I am full of gratitude for the generous funding from the Nok Foundation that I received recently that enabled me to distribute several hundred booklets around South Florida. These have been given to the Mental Health Association of Broward County, Broward Schools Department of Attendance and Guidance, Boys and Girls Club of Deerfield Beach, Coconut Creek Community Center, Rebel's Drop-In Center for Disabilities and other local agencies. Please contact me at if you like to be a donor or sponsor so that I can replenish these centers and more requests can be fulfilled . I can put a compliments of sticker with your contact information on the cover.

Here's a few ideas how you can use it for your own situation. How many times do you want to approach a potential customer or client but they seem busy or the setting isn't right? You know if you give them your business card it will end up in a pile with other ones and not reviewed. A booklet with a cute graphic on it and helpful information that they can use to deal with daily stress is something they will keep. Also what about your former customers? :

1) Send it out to customers or clients you haven't seen for a while with your business card or a flyer inside. Offer a free 30 minute session, class or phone consult. If you're selling merchandise have a coupon enclosed. Include a brochure , menu or other info inside the booklet for them.

2) At Holiday Season mail to new and former clients wishing them a happy New Year. You can also do this on someone's birthday or for July 4th.

3) If you are at a fair or tradeshow these are nice to have at the table to give out with your contact info on cover.

4) Include with an invoice, a new catalog or brochure.

5) If you are announcing a new location, you can enhance your announcement with this booklet.

6) Are you a speaker? You can give these away at your workshops or even sell them at back table for a small item. Sometimes you can't collect e-mail addresses or contact info at talks or seminars . But you can give away something. Your contact information will be right on cover so they can contact you.


7) Do you market to local businesses? You can walk aroud town or the mall and stop by, introduce yourself and then give them the booklet with "Compliments of" on the cover. People are much more receptive when they receive a gift than if they are given a hard sell. You can get the word out about your business by bringing these to networking events, meetup meetings, leave in health food stores and other locations as a free gift as well.

8) If you have distributors for your business they can buy or receive these from you to get new customers without having to cold call or give a hard sell.

9) This is a wonderful gift for Customer Service Week, Employee Appreciation Day or to give as a surprise at anytime to let your staff know you recognize and appreciate their work. The tips also are helpful to reduce sick days, employee tensions and will increase one's energy and motivation for work. The first week in October is customer service week. Does your company have a gift in mind?

Travelers Insurance purchased this booklet in 2009 for Customer Service Week for employees.

Did you forget employee appreciation day this year?? Don't feel guilty but let your staff know you value their work.


"I just love Debbie's stress reduction booklet! There are a few things I particularly like:
- Debbie includes an explanation of how each particular "Tip" might be of help to you.
- You can browse through the book and choose those that appeal to you the most.
- The exercises are simple and easy and only take a few minutes!
I have a private practice and specialize in working with anxiety, so am especially grateful to be able to have this booklet to give to all of my clients; a great tool that they can take home with them, so they can "stay balanced" throughout the week!

Thanks Debbie!

Elaine Corona, LCSW
Counseling By The Shore

We gave out these booklets at the Texas Yoga Conference in goodie bags plus at my yoga studios. Thank you!

Texas Yoga Conference


The booklets were a hit! The staff really seemed to enjoy getting something that would be helpful to them. Thank you again for all your help and I will hold onto your email information for future orders.

Tina Pries
Stafford Suites Senior Living Community

Antosha Khadaroo, Licensed Massage Therapist in Trinidad, "The information is quite relevant and practical and very simple for anyone to follow. I absolutely love it ...if I were to receive this as a gift, I would be absolutely thrilled as the info contained will be a very valuable tool for every day use. I'm sending these out in February to my clients with a greeting card and letter that details the benefits of massage." E-mail:

I bought your booklet after my divorce because I kept putting myself down and was very irritable towards my kids over small things. I felt sorry for myself and was not able to cope with daily stressors like the kids not cleaning their rooms, money issues and worries about being alone the rest of my life. At work I was very on edge and felt got nervous before group meetings. I didn't think this would work for me but the 3 part breathing technique helps me a lot. I also am much better at changing my thought patterns when they are negative. I would like to order one for my sister who gets feelings of panic before speaking at work presentations. Thanks.

Ronda L from Long Beach, NY

Chris Yoculan, Director, Mental Health Association in Broward County, "I wanted to give you our positive feedback. We are using these booklets in our peer-to-peer support groups. Thank you." .

Debbie's booklet, "How to Stay Balanced During Stressful Situations" is a very useful and practical application book that can be used daily.- Sara- Workshop Participant at Debbie's 2007 Continuing Ed 6 CE Course in June 2007 for Mental Health Professionals

Edward Powers, C.F.A, Don't Dismiss Depression Foundation, ""Everything that I have read from Debbie has contributed to my growth."" .

picture of stress

Please feel free to write me at and we can brainstorm on ways you can use the booklet for your own business. Look at the cover below and you'll see a white space above my name. This is where you would place your sticker , label or logo. It is very affordable and booklets are kept much longer than mouse pads and other common giveaway items.

Recent Purchasers:

Counseling By The Shore- Elaine Corona, LCSW - New Jersey

Bloom! Yoga Studio - Yoga Studio - Ottawa, Illinois

Holistic Health Options - Healing Touch, Personal Training and Yoga- Minnesota

Jenny's Yoga Studio - Texas Yoga Studio

Wholly Transformed LLC - Fitness and Yoga-Mind and Body Transformation

Dorset School - Dorset, Vermont - Parent Education Tool

Debra W, Financial Planner, Deerfield Beach- Holiday Gift for Clients

Healing Hearts Patricia Angelina, CMT- Client Education Tool and Gift

Strong Middle School, Durham, CT - Student and Parent Stress Reduction Aid

Visit here to read Stress Book Sample Tips .The booklet does not say "your logo here" but this is just an indicator to you where you can place your logo,sticker or stamp if you wish to add it for branding on the cover.

Note: The booklet is 8 1/2 inches by 4 inches and fits in a regular envelope. It won't look that size in the samples below, but you'll get to see the quality of the content.

You can download a sample pdf of the tips booklet if you wish by using the right button on your laptop or computer mouse and Click Here

You can also see it as a flipbook here. Remember that the physical booklet won't say sample, or have the phrase "your logo here" on it:
Flip Book Example

Click the play button to hear a sample tip.

You can e-mail me at or call me at 954 567-8442 about your specific profession and we can work on ideas of how to use this booklet for your business. A financial planner in my yoga class mailed 500 at Christmas and re-ordered last year again. She told me that a lot of her clients were getting divorced or anxious about retirement and related to her as counselor. This often comes up for many professionals and trust develops. Give your customers and clients something in-depth that will touch their concerns and lives. You can order 10 or 20 to test out for your own practice and put some in your waiting room plus mail the others to some clients you haven't seen in a while. There will be some nice responses and feedback. If you want to buy a copy for a friend or yourself , individual copies are $3.00 including shipping. You can use paypal but if you prefer there is a link on the left after you click to use a credit card directly without signing up for paypal:

Click the button above for $3.00 to purchase How to Stay Balance During Stressful Situations.


If you are looking for a vehicle to increase your own business by sending these to former or new customers/clients the bulk orders prices are discounted significantly and less than most promotional items. (They are between $1.25- $2.00 for wholesale orders depending on the quanties of booklets ordered). Please send me an e-mail at or call me at 954 567-8442 to get some ideas how to apply the booklet for your own business needs to reach new clients, thank existing customers and for client and staff education. Contact me if you wish to be a sponsor and have your business name on cover of booklet for distribution around the south florida area.

Note: If you are in the Coral Springs, Florida area you can purchase at Yoga Source on Wiles Road.

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